We are TC Barnes Insurance.

Our mission is to deliver excellent customer service and provide you with protection that's tailored to your needs. Every one is unique in what they want to insure and how much protection they want, and we understand that. That's why we go the extra mile to compare your current policy side by side with a policy we've designed specifically for you! We educate everyone we meet with on what their limits mean, how much protection they're really getting, what is actually being protected, and all the benefits they receive with our recommended policies.

Say, are you a safe driver? Never made a claim before? If so, why not be rewarded for it? Through American National's Cashback program, you get 25% of your premium back every year after remaining claims-free for 3 years, just by insuring your home and auto! That's just one of the many benefits we can provide.

Whether you just want to insure your auto or you're looking for the whole package, we always start by showing you the optimal protection plan and what that would cost compared to what you're already paying. You might just be surprised at how inexpensive it is to add more protection, and who knows, you may even save some money!

As we continue to move forward, TC Barnes Insurance will use this page to educate, inform, and advise our friends, clients, and others. We're excited to share this information with you! Feel free to experience and share the benefits we offer!

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